Easy way to crack Nintendo Switch with CFW SX OS/Atmosphere/ReiNX


Discussion the crack Nintendo Switch never ending up since appearance of free games on Nintendo Switch. In this article, you will know the tuto to hack Switch with CFW such as SX OS/ Atmosphere/ReiNX

Tutorial Installation Atmosphere or ReiNX

If you own the new Switch, or the one reset and no longer have game, saves, Nintendo linked account, then go to step 3)

  1. Copy your “Nintendo” folder located at the root of your card.
  2. Unlink your account from your Nintendo Switch (DO NOT DELETE THE USER TO NOT LOSE YOUR SAVES). Just remove the link in case you want to sell your digital games or do not want to lose them due to a possible ban.

Format your SD card in ExFAT or FAT32 format (whatever)
If you are formatting on Windows, you will use the Nintendo folder I mentioned in step 1. If you are formatting using the Switch, you do not need to make such a backup unless you want to save the contents of the album folder. If it is formatted by the Switch and your console is obsolete, it will ask you to upgrade, but it is not necessary. In this case, just do it on Windows and save what I said.

  1. Build your SD package via https://www.sdsetup.com/console?switch
    (I recommend you select the package “Kosmos Defaults” and CFW ‘Atmosphere (Kosmos) “.
  2. Select the extras you want and / or understand what they do (with time and research, you will eventually understand … lol).
    Select the Windows tool called “TegraRCMGUI” and finally click on “Download your ZIP”. If you are using another operating system, such as Android, IOS, or Linux, find the appropriate tool for your system in the Select your Extras section.
  3. Extract the content, copy all the contents of the “sd” folder to the root of your card.
  4. Install the program “TegraRcmGUI.msi” as usual … next next next. Open the program after installation, click “Settings” and then “Install Driver”.
  5. Now comes the console part. Remove the Joycon from the right and insert your favorite jig. Make sure it fits properly. Press and hold the volume + button, press the power button, then release both.
  6. If it works, your console will not turn on, the screen will be black, success!
  7. Next, plug your USB-C cable into the console and on your PC, with the TegraRMCGUI open (or another program to inject payload), note that the symbol of the console changes from red to green.

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  1. In the “Select Payload” field, you must access the “Payloads” folder of the package that you downloaded and extracted with CFW and TegraRCM.
  2. Select the Payload .bin file for hekate and click Inject Payload.
  3. I recommend you make a backup of NAND in this step, so that you have a clean copy of your system without modification! In the Hekate menu, use the + and – volume buttons to scroll through the options and the power button (on / off) to select it. Choose Tools, then select DUMP RAM EMMC and wait until it finishes (it should take about 50 minutes to 1:30). Once the backup is complete, select the second DUMP EMMC BOOT option and wait for it to complete (it’s much faster). Select back to return to the Hekate main menu.
  4. AUTORCM MODE (OPTIONAL, IF YOU ALWAYS USE THE JIG TO START, GO THIS STEP): From the Hekate Main Menu, select Tools, scroll to AUTORCM, and select ENABLE. With this same option, you can also disable it if you need it in the future.
  5. Do the NAND backup, you will now enter CFW still choosing “Launch”, press the “Power” button.
  6. Then use the volume- (minus) button to navigate to the “CFW” option and then press the power button again. If you use another injector payload (like RCM Loader One, the CFW will load automatically after you inject it with the Switch in RCM mode)
  7. There will be words displayed on your Switch, which means that Payload has been injected!
  8. Well done! Your console is cracked! Do not forget to keep your NAND backup generated on your SD card in a safe place! for example a hard drive and if possible in the SAVE Cloud. Backup of nand is very important and every time you update the firmware, you have to make another backup.

If you think that this tutorial seems too complicated for you, I recommend you to buy Xecuter SX Pro which allows you to crack Switch in one hour

Tutoriel installation SX OS

  1. Complete Steps 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14 of the Atmosphere and Reinx tutorial at the top so that you can follow the initial procedures for disassociating the Nintendo account and NAND backup. The Hekate payload you can find here:


  1. Follow the instructions in the official manual https://sx.xecuter.com/download/manuals/sxos/[PT]_SXOS_v1.3.pdf

Basically, the manipulation of SX OS is much simpler than that of CFW Atmosphere / ReiNX, finally we have to pay for it.

Transfer saves from one account to another

  1. Download Homebrew Checkpoint here
  2. In SD, create the switch folder and put the file nro in this folder.
  3. Create a new user on the Nintendo Switch and run the game you want to exchange at least 1 x to save it to this new user.
  4. At the Switch, open the Checkpoint using the HB menu of your choice.
  5. With the ZL and RL buttons, you can switch users, select the user you wish to backup, select the game and press L.
  6. Select the new user and with the R button you will restore. The save of the old account will go to the new one.
  7. Do this with as many games as you want.