Do You Know The Differences That You Can Experience With LED Or LCD Displays?


These days,  there is a lot of emphases given on having digital displays for various advertisements and usually, people prefer to go either for LED or LCD display screens. Both have their own pros and cons and often it can be difficult to decide, which option to choose.

Therefore, in this post, we shall try to highlight the differences between these two popular display devices, which can be used for most digital advertising purposes.  

Dynamo LED Displays is one company having its factories both in the UK and Dubai manufacturing both kinds of displays by using a LED video wall as well as an LCD video wall. Their products are known for their quality and are available at affordable price range. 


Now let us first try to understand what a LED screen for display is. The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode. 

LEDs are available in 3 main types:

  1. Direct In-line Package (DIP)

While manufacturing LEDs they are manufactured in a DIP package that can have colours like red, blue, and green, etc. that are encapsulated within a bulb and thereafter that will be placed on certain PCB (Printed Circuit Board).  

  1. Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD)

The SMDs will generally be directly mounted to a PCB in a certain slim package. 

  1. Chip On Board (COB). 

COBs are usually bare LED chips that can be directly mounted on any PCB and then they are covered with a certain protective coating.


An LCD screen also uses the similar basic technology that was used for many years in our cell phones, monitors, and camcorder viewfinders. These screens are made of 2 layers of materials that look almost like glass that will be polarized and also affixed together. 

In one of its layers, there will be a special polymer coating, which will hold the individual liquid crystals. When an electronic current will pass through these individual crystals, then it will allow the crystal to either block or pass for creating an image. 

As such, the crystals never produce any light, hence an external light source e.g. a light bulb will be needed. This light will make the image properly visible on your screen.

Why LED is considered a better option?

The following are a few reasons that make LED a better choice than LCD.

  1. LED lighting is generally much more uniform than an LCD.
  2. The number of diodes present on LEDs is more than the neon tubes present on LCD screens, hence the LED lights will have a better quality of lighting.
  3. The colour contrast of LED will also be higher.
  4. The LED display consumes lesser power than the LCD.
  5. LED uses mercury-free technology and hence it is more environmentally friendly. 
  6. The LCD life is not more than 60,000 hours, while LED displays can easily run anything between 60,000 to 100,000 hours. 
  7. LED technology will offer guaranteed optimal viewing conditions during any time of day.

If you are interested to know more details about both these display devices, then you can discuss with your Facebook friends who must have used both these devices and can share their experiences.