Choose Your best Steps in Selecting the Right SEO Service


Social media can be a great tool for promoting your site, especially if you consider it part of your off-page SEO strategy. Obviously, a social media strategy is needed at the basis of the promotion: before starting the publication, it is necessary to open a company fan page on each channel that you decide to use, and never use the proven profile that makes you lose professionalism. It is then necessary to decide the target audience, define the types of content to be published and the frequency of updates, ultimately knowing how to write engaging posts with effective calls to action. From the SEO services such services are important.


Another good practice is to place links on external blogs. In blogs it is possible to comment under an article and insert a link to your site, also in this case what was said above applies, that is, it is better if the blog has a higher authority index than your own and above all that the topic is close to that of the site, otherwise it is misleading or useless.

You have to carefully select the blogs in which you intervene and make interesting and in-depth comments, avoiding leaving links on any blog you understand, because they would be classified as spam by Google. The guest-blogging technique is widely used, which consists in the reciprocal exchange of articles and links between one’s blog and another and is the result of an agreement between bloggers, however, born of a common interest.

How much does it cost to do SEO?

The work of the SEO consultant from the SEO agency requires many skills, ranging from the use of technical tools for positioning analysis, to the manipulation of the code on the programming side, from the creation of optimized content, to the care of the graphic design; a true expert is a multifaceted figure who has acquired skills in different fields and is therefore not easy to find.

  • Given the complexity and variety of the work, it is not possible to establish a standardized tariff without first evaluating the entire project. There are sites that need a few hours of work to improve indexing, others require several days and constant maintenance work; prices vary from a few tens of euros to a few thousand, depending on the interventions to be carried out that emerge from a first analysis. Furthermore, it must be considered that SEO optimization often requires the intervention of various professionals specialized in programming, graphics, accessibility, copywriting, who intervene simultaneously in the various aspects of the site.
  • Therefore, before talking about the costs of an SEO intervention, it is necessary to evaluate the project as a whole, and keep in mind that it requires the intervention of different professionals all equally important for the success of the work.

SEO or Pay per Click?

It is not uncommon that you decide to make a site without SEO, given the poorly defined costs, the long work it requires and the rather long time to see tangible results.

Companies usually have a website because they need to be quickly found by potential customers, and to increase visibility they can take two paths: SEO or paid advertising. The two methods both have advantages and differences that are crucial in the long run, let’s see which are the main ones:


Paid advertising (Pay per Click) has a cost per click, which means you pay based on the amount of clicks you receive. You must first choose the keywords with which to promote the site, then start a campaign on Google Adwords by writing a series of ads that contain them. The price of keywords is not fixed but varies by sector and increases as competition intensifies. It is possible to set a daily or monthly budget, after which the ads are no longer published. The scope of the campaign depends on the budget you are willing to spend: the more ads are published, the more visits you will receive to the site.