All About Huawei Phones


With the prices of smartphones today, there has been a lot of focus on alternative options for phones. One of those options you may have seen in the news recently. Huawei is an increasingly popular phone and technology company and you may have heard of them.

Based out of China, Huawei is an international technology company that is most well-known for its phone development. There phones have been sold in China for quite a while but they weren’t popular in the US until recently. The company is considered to be China’s largest tech company.

A lot of people don’t know that Huawei does far more than phones. They also make tablets, computers, business solutions, and wearables. Huawei also has a large research and development branch. By working on various technologies Huawei is able to put a lot into their phones. All of the innovations made for their various products are applied in all of their technology. And you must explore the cheapest unlimited talk text and data plans for your desired huawei smartphones.

  1. The Latest And Greatest

As of writing this article Huawei just released the Huawei Nova 5i. The device is aimed at the midrange crowd. It boasts great specs such as a 24 MP camera, a Kirin processor, 5.8 inch 4K display, and 4 gigs of RAM. It also features fast charge to get your battery filled as quickly as possible. A pro version of the Huawei Nova 5i is also available. The Huawei Nova 5i Pro has a 48 MP camera and 8 GB of RAM. Not only that, it has a bigger screen, sitting at 6.39 inches. Both devices run the latest Android 9.0.

Huawei is also still selling their last models such as the Huawei P30 and Huawei Mate 20. Unlike many phones, the P30 Pro offers a SuperZoom feature which mixes a optical zoom with a digital zoom, allowing you to get closer photos of objects in the distance. A three camera setup helps to ensure that these photos are taken in amazing quality.

  1. Huawei In The US

In February 2018, the FBI warned US consumers against buying Huawei phones. There have been concerns in multiple countries that Huawei devices may contain spyware for the Chinese government. In addition, there is also concern over the company’s practices, such as stealing intellectual property.

This warning eventually turned into Huawei losing Best Buy as a sales partner. In May 2019 President Trump issued a National Security Order banning the sale of Huawei phones in the United States.

All of this controversy has not stopped Huawei though. It has gained them additional publicity and with that business. People are still buying Huawei devices left and right. Huawei is now the number 2 smartphone manufacturer in the country. Huawei, device users, and other companies are fighting the ban. China is also insisting that the ban be lifted as trade negotiations between the US and China continue.

  1. Where To Get Huawei Phones

In any country where Huawei isn’t ban you can go to most electronics stores and find Huawei phones right alongside other major Android phones. You can also buy them online.

With a ban against Huawei technology in the United States, one would think that it would be pretty hard to get a Huawei device. It is actually easy, with a number of methods for getting these devices. One of the easiest ways to get a Huawei device is to use a website such as Amazon or Newegg. You can also buy one used off eBay and other auction sites.

Out of the many of Android phone options out there, Huawei is among one of the most desired companies. They manage to compete well with Samsung and LG. Huawei’s ability to fight back against brands and still perform a fair amount of business is an example of how in demand these devices are.