4 Most Profitable Business to Start for Free During Pandemic


The year 2020 is an unexpected year for almost every person. The sudden breakdown of a virus in the Wuhan city in china, take over the world unexpectedly. However, this pandemic at one side brings fear and bane to most industries but also becomes the reason of boon for many. The work from home opportunity increases, with a wide range of businesses, started coming online. This increases the opportunities for tech-savvy more than ever.

However, as a common man dealing with a pandemic isn’t easy. The impose of lockdown and decrease in manual job opportunities makes most of the people suffered. From the Uber driver getting up to 100k per month downgrades to zero or 100 dollars during a pandemic, manual job holders suffer the most.

But the raised in the digital business gives the sigh of relief as now people can start a profitable business for free. From building a free or low-cost website to taking free web hosting, you can start a profitable business right from your home. Let’s explore the top business you can start during a pandemic.

1.   Mask Reselling

As the COVID-19 takes over the world, many states impose the mask as the mandatory element while walking or getting off from home. This ultimately increases the demand in the surgical masks. Therefore, starting a digital mask reselling business is one of the best ways to earn high profits. All you need is to contact the manufacturers who are constructing the mask and start selling them in the digital market.

The mask reselling business, although needs a bit of investment, it is worth to invest. All you need is a strong social media presence, start with the purchasing the 10 to 20 boxes. Post pictures, and address the right users to start this profitable business during a pandemic.

2.   HealthCare Affiliation

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn millions of dollars in this pandemic. From the sanitizers to the doctor gowns, gloves, surgical masks, medicines, and much more, you can sell everything. The Healthcare industry is booming and reaching a new height of success. Therefore, you can become an affiliate marketer and promote their healthcare products and services to get maximum profits.

This profitable business never requires investment. You can start for free during this pandemic by spreading word of mouth in your contact list.


3.   Blogging

In 21st century news and innovative ways are getting successful beyond the expectations. Now, everyone is sharing new innovative ideas, and people are getting more interested in reading the informative articles. Therefore, opening and running a blog can become a profitable business in this era of a pandemic.

All you need is a WordPress site which is free of cost, low-cost or free hosting given by hostbreak, and an engaging topic. You can write any content which can attract readers and start earning digitally.

4.   YouTuber

In a lockdown, the digital entertainment industry gets a boom. As people have nothing to do, they start watching various shows and digital programs on YouTube. This ultimately allows many people to start their own channels.

You can also start this entertainment business by opening a channel such as “Life in Quarantine” to start earning for free.