4 advice from a Pet Photographer


Recently I discover the pet photography throw the website of Danae Soto, a Pet Photographer based in Chile. She is the owner of Dogy Emporio Fotografía, with a portfolio very interesting that you can found here.

And always we are looking at different ways to keep all our memories in photos, so, why shouldn’t do it with our pet also? You can portray in a picture all the personality and also how much you love it. There are 4 important things that you should know:

1) Keep treats

Your pet is the star in the session, so you need to treat it like that. To obtain the best side and get all the attention, take with you some treats like snacks or toys. Keep it hydrated and make sure that atmospheric condition is good.

2) Be patient

Pet photography is similar to baby’s photography. The pet not always is in the same place, you need to follow it and capture the exact moment when she doing some especial for you. For that reason, the photographer must have good equipment in order to shoot multiples photos.

3) The eyes, the mirror of the soul

All good photographer must take attention to the eyes. The way to capture is to stay at the same level that his eyes.

4) Feel comfortable

If you want to take part in the session, you must be comfortable and relax, acting like your habitual do with your pet. If not, your pet feels you’re nervous and think that some are wrong.

Pet photography is a quite complex art, take a lot of time been better. To keep memories you need to hire to a professional. If you visit Santiago of Chile, can trust in Danae Soto, Doglover from the heart.

website: www.dogyemporiofotografia.cl
Instagram: @dogyemporiofotografia