3D Printing and the Best Choices for You


It is now possible to print objects in 3 dimensions yourself. But what type of 3D printer should you choose for the objects you want to print? Mono or double extruder, plate and print head, resolution, Slicer software, modeling, in kit or assembly, accessories, our advice in this guide. You can go for the 3d store online there now.

The principle of 3D printing

 With the 3D printer, the printing possibilities are numerous: small toys, spare parts for household electrical appliances, mechanical parts, tools and many decorative objects such as candle holders, door handles,lights, etc.

There are several types of 3D printer, the most widespread among individuals being the FDM (Fused Deposing Modeling) 3D printer. This prints an object in 3 dimensions from a filament of material, heated in an extruder to reach a liquid or semi-liquid state. This filament is then deposited layer by layer on a plate by a nozzle and according to a precise path in order to draw the object.

Other processes are used in professional circles. Like the 3D printer SLA (stereo lithograph apparatus) which works on the principle of photo polymerization. It thus manufactures 3D models from a resin solidified by the passage of a laser layer after layer. You can go for the 3D printers for sale there.

Another possibility: the SLS printer (selective laser sintering), which works by progressive melting of the particles of a powdered material.

Other professional 3D printers use metal by melting on a powder bed.

The main types of 3D printers

In kit or assembly

Some models of 3D printers are sold as a kit. Less expensive, they will require several hours of assembly, but will allow you to understand and master their operation.

These days,Laser technology is in demand, you can use laser printers for Laser marking prints. They are perfect for 3D printing.

When assembled, they can be used immediately.

Open or in box

Some 3D printers are completely open, leaving their mechanisms accessible. Calibration, adjustment and maintenance are thus facilitated. They are however noisier than closed models.

In boxed models, the electronics are most often deported outside the box because it dreads high temperatures. This type of 3D printer is often preferred when using a material filament like ABS, which requires a high temperature environment. For the 3D scanners for sale this is the  best deals there.

The main criteria for choosing a 3D printer

There are many criteria to take into account when making your choice.

Printing platform

The print bed supports the object you want to create throughout the printing process.

It is most often heated, at an adjustable temperature depending on the type of filament used. It also makes it possible to avoid warping, or warping, linked to the retraction of the filament.

Also note that it is the surface of the tray of your 3D printer that determines the size of the objects that you can print on it and not that of the printer itself. This criterion is therefore essential.

Print head

 The print head is mainly composed of a heating body, a reduction nozzle and a fan. The diameter of the nozzle will depend on that of the filament of material deposited. The standard diameter is 0.4 mm.