10 Tips to Find the Right Web Design Reseller for Your Business

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With more and more businesses going online, web design is becoming an essential aspect that a business should look into. However, not all businesses can afford to employ an in-house web designer or developer. It is why a web design reseller can be a great option.

This blog post will give you ten tips to help you find the right web design retailer for your business.

A web design retailer is an agency that partners with web design companies to handle website design for clients. The reseller plans executes and manages the entire web design process for their clients. It can save a business time and money compared to hiring an in-house designer.

Tips to Find a Web Design Reseller

1. Look for experience

The first thing to consider before hiring a web design reseller is their experience. Check how many years they have been in the industry, the types of websites they have designed, and their approach to different projects. A reseller with a broad portfolio and years of experience can offer you insights and best practices to create a website that meets your business needs.

2. Check References

Before signing a contract with a web design retailer, ask for references from their past clients. Contact those references and ask them about their experiences working with the reseller. Did the reseller meet their expectations? Were they prompt in responding to their concerns? Understanding how the reseller has helped other businesses can help you decide if they are a good fit for you.

3. Determine areas of specialization

Every web design dealer has a particular area of expertise. Before hiring, ensure they have a specialized skill set and have dealt with businesses similar to yours in the past. For instance, if you run an e-commerce business, it would be wise to look for a reseller with experience in building e-commerce websites.

4. Check customer support

A web design retailer should have an exceptional customer support system in place. They must have that level of focus throughout the relationship. How quickly do they respond to your inquiries? Will they provide support after the project completes? Choose a reseller who prioritizes customer service and support.

5. Review the pricing structure

Before hiring a web design reseller, ensure you have a clear understanding of its pricing structure and what it covers. Are they charging per page or project? Is there a down payment fee required before they begin work? Understanding their pricing structure helps you create a budget and avoid any unexpected charges.

6. Consider expertise beyond design

Website design is only one component of an effective online presence. Other essential elements that could deepen your business’s online presence include online copy, SEO, social media, and paid ads. Look for a reseller that not only offers website design services but can also provide digital marketing, SEO, social media campaigns and other additional services that could help improve your website’s effectiveness.

7. Check the Technology they use

Ask the web design reseller what technology they use when building websites. It includes the type of Content Management System (CMS) they use, programming languages, and hosting services. They must use the latest technology that can create a website that is secure, fast, and compliant with the latest digital marketing policies.

8. Review the team structure

You must know the team that will be working on your web design project. Ask about their team structure and how many designers and developers they have. Does the reseller have a project manager to oversee the development of your website? Ensure the reseller you choose has a team that can handle various tasks to ensure your website gets completed on time.

9. Evaluate their Portfolio

Lastly, go through the reseller’s website and review their portfolio. Can you see projects similar to yours? If so, how did they handle it? Were there any special requirements they had to consider, and how well did they execute their solutions? A reseller with a rich portfolio can provide you with a sense of their style, capabilities, and previous successes.


Choosing the right web design reseller can be intimidating, but you can make it easier if you know what to look for. Experience, customer support, pricing structure, team structure, expertise beyond design and other elements are essential to help you get the right web design reseller. Use the above tips to make an informed decision when selecting a web design retailer for your business.