The Importance of Video Marketing for Small Companies 

Social Media

Online marketing is an extension of marketing as it has always existed, merely extended into the digital realm. Although, online marketing has revolutionized many aspects of commercial marketing, even though it retains many of the traditional principles of reach, visibility, and brand awareness. 

Sacramento SEO company Peak Design says that while online marketing attracts customers from all over the world, it must also serve to retain interest after a visitor has been attracted to website or social media page. This is a harder job, as potential customers can much more easily click off a website than they can walk out of shop when they are already inside and browsing. Therefore, the attention span of customers is massively shortened and so they need to be effectively engaged. 

This means that the visual element is now more important than ever. Most fundamentally, the internet involves the transfer of information, and nothing else. Such information is staggeringly abundant online, and so it could even be argued that the job has become harder in this respect. 

Enter Video Marketing 

Of course, commercials on television have been an item of marketing for an exceedingly long time, and so this discipline is not new. However, it works according to almost completely different rules, all related to the fact that it costs much less money to produce and distribute an online video than it does a TV commercial. 

On the one hand this makes it easier but, again, the flipside is that it is harder to stand out. Given the aforementioned short attention span of online shoppers, this means, quite simply, that online marketing really needs to grab the eye. Furthermore, with the possible exception of interactive features such as livestreams, videos have proven the best way of attracting and holding attention. 

The reason that video marketing is particularly useful for small companies is simply that these companies have the resources to engage in it; failure to do so will mean slipping behind the pack – in nearly all cases. 

Why Is Video Marketing Important? 

To more fully explain why video marketing is important, it might be worth simply turning to some statistics that prove this. A recent survey found that video marketing, on average and when done properly, increases traffic to website by 51%, sales by 34%, and brand awareness by an incredible 70%. These are figures not to be sniffed at, and they underscore just why failing to engage in video marketing is a sure way for a small business to fall behind. 

We can also enumerate some of the well-known benefits of video marketing for online brand and especially for small companies. These include: 

  • extended visibility off the website (i.e., on social media feeds)
  • increased engagement from potential customers
  • increased understanding of the product, how it works, and why someone might need/want it
  • higher ranking on search engine (if SEO is optimized too)
  • a wider online presence, far beyond the ecommerce website. 

How to Get Started 

So, if you are a small business – even one just started – it is more than wise to also get started in video marketing. A few tips to bear in mind here is that smartphone-optimized videos tend to be the ones that are viewed the most, and that you should play up the strengths of whatever platform the video is to appear on. There should also be a clear link back to the ecommerce site. 

Beyond this, you might want to bring in the experts as online video marketing now has a whole service industry devoted to producing online videos. The best videos imaginable for your brand could be just around the corner.