Taking Your Choice with the Best Motherboard Repair Person



Before even embarking on the frantic search for a computer repairer, you need to check whether it is indeed a breakdown. If you are using a laptop, the problem may be with the battery. So remove the battery from your computer and try to start it by plugging it into the mains. If your computer starts up, it means that the problem is with the battery and that you will need to change it.

The failure can also come from the screen. If, all of a sudden, your screen no longer works but you hear the computer spinning first disconnect the peripherals, one of them can cause this problem. If that doesn’t change anything, try turning off all the lights in the room to see if the screen is bright by itself, it may be the LCD inverter that is faulty. If so, you will need to change your screen. This can be very expensive depending on the computer.

Are you under warranty?

Once you have made sure that it is indeed a breakdown, and before you go in search of the miracle repairman, ask yourself the question of the warranty. Is your computer still under warranty? If yes, go to your seller who will take care of these operations. You will need to bring proof of purchase of the computer and warranty subscription. Be careful however, the guarantees do not cover all accidents, you may still have to pay a certain amount of money. If you are not under warranty, you will have no choice but to find yourself a repairer worthy of the name. For the desktop motherboard repair this is important.

Which repairer to choose?

Your computer is indeed broken down, you are not guaranteed, then the “real” question arises: where to have your computer repaired. Several options are available to you.

The manufacturer or dealer

You can go to the store, request a quote and leave your computer with someone you know;

The repair company

Many websites are present on the internet, also offering you quotes. These repairers are generally no longer available;

Independent technicians

They also have a website and enjoy the advantage of proximity. Both for the independent technician and for the repair company, you can rely on the advice of former customers to assess the services.

To go a little further, we offer you, at the end of this article a list of repairers spread throughout France.

Maintain your computer well

One of the problems frequently encountered during continuous use of a computer is its slowness. Little by little the speed of execution decreases. This may be due to the presence of malware, the presence of too many software on the computer, aging hardware, etc.

To prevent all this, it is obviously advisable to constantly update your anti-virus and to make sure that automatic checks take place every week. In addition, when you download software, others may add to it and slow down your computer. Make sure there is only software on your computer that you need and can trust. Other advice, but of importance, update the components of your computer and do not hesitate to change your integrated hard drive and to install a newer and faster model.

What are the repairers near you?

We offer a non-exhaustive list of computer repairers present in France. These repairers are classified according to the number of their department.