What can we expect from the Galaxy Note 9?

The Galaxy Note 9 will be revealed on the 9th of August – we are really close to it. But still, it’s interesting what can we expect from it?

The Note 9 will be very similar to the Note 8 – meaning it will have dual cameras from the S9 Plus and the fingerprint scanner will also be in a better place. Also, the bezels will shrink a tiny bit just like they did with the S9. Samsung will also reportedly be stopping manufacturing of the Note 8 because it offers almost as many features as the Note 8. And they are afraid it will cripple the Note 9’s sales.

The screen itself on the Note 9 will be a little bit brighter than on the Note 8, and the best feature of the Note 9 will probably be the battery it’s going to be 4000 mah. Of course, the Note  9 will have updated specs.

What might be getting the biggest change is the S-Pen we don’t have much information on right now but it will receive Bluetooth and apparently this is aimed for business users, the S-Pen button will be bigger than previous generations.

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