Intel launches new i7 8086K and is giving 8086 of them away

This year Intel turns 50. And this year Intel’s original processor – the 8086 turn 40. So in honor of it, they are releasing a limited edition Intel Core i7 8086K Procesor. And what’s great is they are giving 8086 of them away.

So what’s so special about the i7 8086K? It’s the first processor to get a boost clock of 5GHz which is a first. Other than that it will feature an unlocked multiplier and 12 MB of L3 Cache.

US, China, Germany, Canada, France, the UK, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Each of those countries has 500 up for grabs, except Germany, China, and the US which will have considerably more processors to give (1,000, 2,000 and 2,086).

How to enter? Easy. Go to the Intel sweepstakes website and enter. It opens at 7 June 5 p.m. and in 24 hours they will pick the winners.

Good luck and may the odds be with you 😉

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