Can you use tooth paste as Thermal Paste?

So have you ever ran out of Thermal Paste or the PC your repairing isn’t good enough to even justify getting thermal paste and the old thermal paste is cracked and dry? If yes then you have come to the right place!

Today we will be testing if you can use toothpaste as thermal paste. So let’s get started. The first thing we need to do is get a base reading of what the old cracked up and dried thermal paste gives us. So at Idle, it gave us 47°C and at load, it gave us 71°C.


Next we have to get the heatsink off and then using some alcohol to clean off the old thermal paste. And here we can see the clean shiny die.

Next thing we need to do is put on some toothpaste and then screw on the heatsink and close the PC. And now we can get to the final results. Don’t worry I cleaned off a bit of toothpaste in the end because this clearly is too much toothpaste.


So here we can see that the idle temperature dropped only by around 4°C. That isn’t very much but at load, we have dropped quite a hefty 13°C. This, in my opinion, is quite a good result.


So should you use toothpaste? Well only if your really desperate and don’t have the money to buy thermal paste. But you should know this it dries out really quickly after around 3 hours it had already dried out. So if you plan on using it remember to repaste every 3 hours.

That’s it hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading!

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