Apple Refused to Repair the iMac Pro

Recently there has been an incident where Apple has declined to service an iMac Pro. So let’s get into the details.

Linus Sebastian a popular YouTuber recently broke his iMac Pro while disassembling it for his video showing the insides of the iMac. So he brought the iMac Pro to the Apple store and even offered to pay them to fix it. Apple first said they ordered the part and will fix it. But in a follow-up email, Apple refused to fix the iMac Pro.

Why did they refuse it? Because in order to repair the iMac Pro your need an Apple Pro certification, which currently doesn’t exist.¬† So Apple has created a platform which they are unable to fix.

Apple surely needs to fix their system and get their support staff ready before they release a brand new product. So someone can service it!

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