iPhone 5 Theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
SHINE iPhone theme
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SHINE iPhone 5 theme

Ver 1.2

By Blue, May 28, 2013 updated, 102.92MB, 87,679 views

Main Features:
Apps Icons
SBSettings Skin
Weather Widget
Media Player
Animated Wallpaper
Notification Center
Clock Widget
Color Keyboard
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 5
iPod Touch 5
Compatible iOS versions:
Apps Required to use this theme:


This changes everything...forever

Just the best theme, artwork, animations and the most and best Widgets ever made on iOS. Made by the legendary Theme Creator - Blue -

* Setup-free, do anything right on your screen 
* Everything included, no irritating extra packages
* 34 (!) ANIMATED App-starting iWidgets like Facebook, clocks, own Slideshow, Twitter, RSS-Reader, calendar, Instagram and many many more...
* 9 (!) Winterboard Widgets build-in (Date, animated Spotlights in various colors, animated weather and more) 
* 3 (!) animated Lockscreen themes build-in
* Multilanguage widgets in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch 
* Excellent and complete UI- and App-Theming
* AUXO theme 
* SBSettings theme
* Zepplin logo 
* SIRI theme
* SHINE font
* Icon Mask, all icons themed
* Handmade professional icons and graphics 
* LiveClock theme
* Transparent Loadingscreens for all apps
* WhatsApp theme
* ColorKeyboard
* Sounds theme 
* Battery theme 
* Wooden Shelf Mod included

+ OPTIONAL and free at CYDIA: VELOX, BiteSMS, NCSettings, MiniPlayer, Statusbar and badges mods...

Shine is far beyond anything you've ever seen or thought to be possible on iOS !
The setup is super SIMPLE, do it right on your screen, all Widgets and iWidgets are separate and optional. You decide what and where to use.
iPhone 5, iWidgets (Free Cydia Tweak) and Gridlock2 (paid Cydia Tweak). 
Also avaiable here is a separate theme for iPhone 4/4s/iPod Touch 4 
If you want the iWidgets to start Apps then also install the free tweak "iWidgedTapper".
In case of any questions please read the setup guide inside the theme folder on your device and join the huge SHINE community at: www.modmyi.com.
(C)2013 arthouse, Germany 

Price: $2.99

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