iPhone 4 Theme
Lower Animated Weather Lockscreen iPhone theme

Lower Animated Weather Lockscreen iPhone 4 theme

Ver 1.0

By Ian Nicoll, Feb 08, 2011 updated, 19.56MB, 31,608 views

Main Features:
Weather Widget
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4
Compatible iOS versions:
Apps Required to use this theme:


This was made for iPhone4 on IOS4.X but should be okay on a 3G/S

Animated sun/Moon showing on the screen according to the time of day.
15 weather animations
27 different weather backgrounds
Black or white window

The background can easity be replaced with any 640X960 image, just name it LockBackground.png and put it in the LowerAWLS themes folder replacing the old one. If you want it to use the images selected from your phone/settings page, read the instructions in the LoacBackground.html file on how to do this.

At default it uses the black window, to change to the white one go to the images folder, rename the "WhiteWindow.png" to "WhiteWindowX.png" then rename the "WhiteWindowXX.png to "WhiteWindow.png"

Just put your location code in the "locationHere.js" file, then put the theme in your themes folder and activate it in Winterboard.

iPhone 4/iPhone 4S themes on iThemeSky are 640X960 Retina Theme. Some iPhone 4/iPhone 4S themes also compatible old iDevices with iOS 4.X/5.X.
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