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LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
LiveOS iPhone theme
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LiveOS iPhone 4S theme

Ver 1.6

By bluemetal, Nov 02, 2011 updated, 86.35MB, 191,510 views

Main Features:
Apps Icons
SBSettings Skin
Weather Widget
Media Player
Clock Widget
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4
iPhone 4S
Compatible iOS versions:
Apps Required to use this theme:



Works with iOS 4.1 to 5.1

- The perfect stage for all of your Widgets !
- English, German and French language included
- High quality HD graphics with multiple layer design for a maximum 3D Look
- Fully animated background weather with rain, clouds, snow, moving sun and moon...(Buildin UniAW from Ian Nicoll)
- A full HD, full slideable, interactive clock/date widget with transparent clockface
- LockScreen Clock Widget with animated Weather
- New sleek black UI, with StatusBar, Windows, bars, buttons and more
- Plus Themed Apps: Safari, Mail, Clock, Camera, Photos, Calendar, Notes, Settings, Ipod,iTunes, Maps, Compass, AppStore

-Notification Center themed
- Folder Enhancer themed
- LockInfo themed
- BiteSMS themed
- Icon Mask, all AppStore Icons themed correctly out of the box
- SBSettings completly themed
- Large reflective NAV icons
- Springjumps Mini-Dock with highlighted (!) pages
- Back-button to your Homescreen on every page
- Homescreen plus six more Pages layout
- Easy to customize, replace Icons, wallpaper, widgets and springjumps like YOU want it

Note:This theme needs "PerPageHTML", "Springjumps" and "iBlank" (all free) from Cydia to work correctly. This theme also needs "InfiniDock" (paid) and instead of iBlank you can use the better "Gridlock" (paid). Because of the large NAV icons it could also be usefull to use another Taskswitcher like Multifl0w. A Installation Guide w. pictures is inside the Theme folder and at the official Thread at modmyi.

LCD-Clocks and more LoadingScreens are avaiable for free at Cydia and at the modmyi thread.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrIJYsXHSXM

1. First install PerPageHTML from Wyandwarrior (Cydia), Springjumps and InfiniDock. You also need Gridlock or iBlank to freely place your icons.
2. Copy all folders inside "!Springjumps duplicates" to /Applications/..here... This generates six back-arrows after a respring.
3. Copy all four LiveOS theme folders to Libary/Themes/...here... and also the separate "LiveOS LoadingScreens.theme"-folder from the attachment.
4. InfiniDock must be setup for six dock icons
5. Start the Springjumps app, enable only Springjumps 1-6 (see picture at the attachment) and rename them to whatever you prefer by pressing on the textfield. Close the app and place the six Springjumps at your dock.OTEon't enable Springjump 0 (the first one) and make sure it´s textfield is mpty
NOTE2: If you renamed the springjumps you must respring to take effect on it.
6. For your Homescreen place the clock app at the top middle and 4 other apps/folders two rows below like shown at screenshot 1.
7. For the following pages 1-6 place also one of the back-arrows on top right (see picture 2) and at the middle of each page place Calculator, Settings, iTunes, Maps, Game Center, Facebook (You can change that later)
8. Copy all folders you find inside the "!PerPageHTML" folders to User/Libary/PerPageHTML/...here..., start the PerPageHTML app and allocate all of this Folders to your pages, starting with "LiveOS-Spotlight" to "Spotlight", "LiveOS-Page1" to "Page 1" and so on...
9. Enable all LiveOS themes at Winterboard (except the woodenfloor Mod). Make sure the LiveOS themes are on top of your WinterBoard list, and disable other themes you may have installed and could conflict with this theme.

Weather Setup:
1. Find your Location Code here: Weather Location Codes/IDs
For US users: open this webside: Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News, search for your town, then open "Extended Forecast" and now take a look at the adressbar of your browser where you see something like "USCA1234". This is what you need.
2. Write in this code with iFile on your device or with a text editor on your PC/MAC to this path: Libary/themes/LiveOS Weather.theme/locationHere.js and for the Lockscreen Weather here: Libary/themes/LiveOS LockScreen.theme/Widgets/weather/locationHere.js You can also change Fahrenheit to Celsius here.

Price: $2.99

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