iPhone 4 Theme
LS Circles iPhone theme

LS Circles iPhone 4 theme

Ver 1.0

By cTn, Nov 08, 2011 updated, 1.09MB, 15,036 views

Main Features:
Clock Widget
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4
Compatible iOS versions:
Apps Required to use this theme:
Lockscreen Clock Hide


When script initiates for the firs time there is an "startup" animation (all circles are pointing up, then they will spin into a proper location), when your device is in standby (black screen) iOS puts the lockscreen to sleep, then when you wake your phone, clock animations will try to catch up with the time difference between the last time phone went a sleep and now, creating another pleasing spin animation (bigger difference = more spinning)
Oh and i should also mention that clock reacts to position changes

This skin was build on iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3
I always try to optimize both code and graphics for 3th gen and 4th gen devices
(but i cant guarantee if it will work on other devices/firmwares)

iOS 4.2+
Lockscreen Clock Hide (this package doesn't add any new icons, its settings is available through the system settings)

08.08.2011 - 0.1 - initial release
09.08.2011 - 0.1.1 - switched to "straight cut" circles (i think they are just little more appealing then the triangle cuts i used before) and slight changes to the update script
09.08.2011 - 0.1.2 - added an "24 hours" version / see the screenshot
10.08.2011 - 0.1.3 - added 0 in the beginning of numeric hours that are between 1-9
10.08.2011 - 0.1.4 - fixed hour circle turning more then 360deg and same 1-9 bug in minutes
12.08.2011 - 0.1.5 - bugfix
26.08.2011 - 0.1.9 - optimized the startup time and added some accelerometer fun
17.09.2011 - 0.2.0 - slider bugfix for ios 4.2.1 non retina devices

Happy skinning!

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