iPhone 4S Theme
1nfect3d SnowFall iPhone theme
1nfect3d SnowFall iPhone theme
1nfect3d SnowFall iPhone theme
1nfect3d SnowFall iPhone theme
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1nfect3d SnowFall iPhone 4S theme

Ver 1.0

By June'sIphone, Dec 11, 2012 updated, 804KB, 13,459 views

Main Features:
Compatible iDevices:
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4
iPhone 4S
Compatible iOS versions:
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This package includes 2 Lockscreens. One lock screen for anyone using 1nfect3d HD and One to use without any theme.

This is a snow widget. It displays snow falling on your screen.
On main difference, that makes this not your ordinary snow widget is the snow
will collect on certain parts of the screen (depending on which lock screen you use)

These lock screens will install in your winter board theme file. Go into winter board select one of the lock screens and respiring.
The WALLPAPER shown is set by going to settings/wallpaper choosing a wallpaper and set to lock screen.  
Controls for the lock screen are on the lock screen itself.
Options: No Snow, Snow that Sticks, and Just Snow.
Select these  by touching the appropriate word.
Whenever your lock screen has filled up with snow (SHAKE THE DEVICE to clear it)
Hope you like these lock screen, and happy holidays!

If you would like to see a video of this lock screen check out my YouTube "JunesiPhone"
Want to see more of my work? Get the JunesiPhone app in cydia.

Price: $0.99

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