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Boxor HD Retina iPad theme
Boxor HD Retina iPad theme
Boxor HD Retina iPad theme
Boxor HD Retina iPad theme
Boxor HD Retina iPad theme
Boxor HD Retina iPad theme
Boxor HD Retina iPad theme
Boxor HD Retina iPad theme
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Boxor HD Retina iPad theme

Ver 1.0

By falcon212, Jun 13, 2012 updated, 40.48MB, 67,603 views

Main Features:
Apps Icons
Weather Widget
Clock Widget
Compatible iDevices:
iPad 3
Compatible iOS versions:
Apps Required to use this theme:


Presenting to you the first ever RETINA-OPTIMIZED Dreamboard Theme! 

(From the creator of BoxorHD for iPhone, AsymmetricHD, BookShelf for iPhone/iPad and Honeypad Pro for iPad)

Experience the full features of BoxorHD for iPad in retina display! All elements of Boxor HD has been recrafted from scratch to be viewed at its optimal in The New iPad. 20 retina wallpapers (2048x2048 px) have also been preloaded with the theme. Be ready for the amazingly sharp images!!


- 2 MODES -Portrait and Landscape orientation mode in 1 theme (includes alternative plist to rotate both side of landscape mode)
- Built-in Lockscreen (reveal hidden calendar widget on landscape lockscreen mode)
- Built-in notification right on the lockscreen (the apps are editable from theme edit mode)
- Make your iPad personal, put your own photo on the springboard and lockscreen (.psd file included)
- Dedicated Live Calendar icon (showing current day and date) both on springboard and lockscreen (click on the calendar icon in lockscreen to quickly unlock the iPad and access your calendar)
- Vertically scrollable Big Icons (you can create your own icon with the included .psd file or request the icon in the forum)
- Choose from 20 retina wallpapers (2048 x 2048 px)
- BigIcons carries 15 icons in total on each portrait and landscape mode
- Pinned Apps (both on portrait and landscape mode carry different apps)
- Glorious AllApps view on Landscape mode
- Facebook widgets (on both modes, this can be configured to open different website, Twitter frame included in the theme)

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Price: $2.99

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