Get help for iSpirit?

If you have any questions about iSpirit, please read the iSpirit FAQ's documents first. You can also get help by visiting our Blog.

How to install theme on jailbreak iPhone?

1. The easiest way to install theme on iPhone is by using iThemeSky App or iSpirit.
» How to download & install themes with iThemeSky App on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
» How to download & install themes for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iSpirit from computer

2. Manually Install
   (1). Connect to your iPhone (with iSpirit or other way)
   (2). Drag & drop the theme folder to "/Library/Themes" – alternatively, you can copy the theme to "/private/var/stash/Themes…" or "/var/stash/Themes…"
   (3). Launch Winterboard and apply the new theme as usual. done!

» View complete theme installation guide here

How to Use WinterBoard?

Please follow our WinterBoard install & use guide here.

Why jailbreak iPhone?

It cite some of the most compelling reasons to jailbreak your iPhone here.

How to jailbreak iPhone?

Please follow our guides:
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Why the theme I installed does not look the same as the screenshots?

Some themes require additional apps to work perfectly, read more about that here.